Friday, May 3, 2013

my feeling heart

I knew before it even started that this week would be event-filled. 

I underestimated the depth of feelings it would hold.

It began at the drummer's house with the entire family eating together, the girls playing together, the baby delighting everyone, and the adults playing Uno.  I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time.  I haven't played much Uno and only barely understand the printed rules of the game, but when you throw in the rule that says the winner gets to add a new rule to the next game (and those new rules include speaking like a pirate when someone plays a skip a turn card, or everybody passes their hand to the left when a seven is played, and on and on and on), and I am so confused (which causes me to seem silly to my children), well, like I said, there was much laughter.  It was hilarious good fun.

The Californians stayed with us for two more days and it was delightful.  Monday included pancakes, lots of pancakes for breakfast, Zupas with Jr for lunch, followed by an afternoon at the zoo, and Cafe Rio for dinner.  I regret just a tiny bit that I didn't take my camera to get pictures at the zoo, but it was a conscious decision on my part because I wanted my arms free to carry a weary girlie or the always-smiling baby boy and my hands available to hold tight to those little girl hands as we walked up and down the hills of our zoo.  Cafe Rio was yummy, a bit messy, and time well spent since it included holding a sleeping girl throughout the entire meal, sleeping even with the chaos that is Cafe Rio.  Lost count of the number of comments about the adorable girl resting in my arms from customers in line behind our table.  Totally satisfying meal that was.

Tuesday morning was leftover pancakes with fresh strawberries and cream, lazing about.  Mid-afternoon we headed to the local farm where the girls played on the playground, petted all of the animals, and fed the ducks and geese.  The farm hasn't changed much in the years since I took my own children there, seems like the same farm animals--just a few more of each.  It was so satisfying to see them all enjoying each other so much.

Tuesday evening was the drummer's senior recital.  I don't have a lot of experience with college graduations, but I don't remember having Jessie (a literature studies major) read great literature aloud for half an hour to us, or Stu (a math major and computer science major) perform math calculations or write software for us for 30 minutes.  I guess the senior recital is a gift--to parents, perhaps not to the student who has to prepare, memorize, and perform--but a gift that you only receive if your kid is a music major.  My heart was overflowing as I watched him share music, saw him concentrate and demonstrate the talents he has developed over the years.  I wish my other kids had that opportunity though I doubt he or they would view this in quite the same way that I do.  It was truly a gift.

Jack took all of the pictures at the recital, including these that make me smile:

 Wednesday morning came too quickly.  Of course.  The Californians packed up early and drove off into the snow.  On Jr's birthday.  My May baby is 24.  I don't know how that happened.


Unbelievable.  Jack and I took him to dinner that night and it too was lovely. 

Wednesday was also the day that I saw friends I haven't seen for far too long.  Followed by Thursday and more friends at the funeral of a good, good man.  He lived his life so fully, died too young, so quickly that it still doesn't seem real.  I can't even imagine how my friend, his dear wife is feeling.  Listening to the words spoken about him, the stories retold, the feelings expressed by friends from his entire life lifted me up and also broke my heart. 

Today the drummer graduated.  My heart was full again, thinking of his effort, his determination, his choice to spend his life teaching, playing music, improving the quality of life of those around him. 

So glad she is part of his life

  So glad he was there too...

All in all, it's been quite a week. 


Jessie said...

That was quite the week, wasn't it? We had a wonderful time, and I am so glad I got to be at H's performance. Such a treat. I just hope the next time we get together, everyone can be healthy so we can enjoy even more.
I don't know if stu had a final project, but I will say that presenting in VA was a nice, completing my degree sort of celebration (though it actually had little to do with my graduation).

Johanna said...

Wonderful. Just all around wonderful. :)