Tuesday, October 22, 2013

look at me being all busy and stuff today

Went to work where I:

1.  Got my flu shot.
2.  Ate flautas smothered with chili verde for lunch with Jack, Stu, and Jr.
3.  Got a new compy.
4.  Tried to learn to be friends with the new compy who speaks a foreign language it seems, or maybe it's just a new operating system or whatever those IT guys call it when they give me a new computer that is pretty much different from my former compy.

Came home from work where I:

5.  Reheated leftover pot roast with potatoes and gravy for dinner.
6.  Donated blood and ate cookies because the Keebler elves support blood donation, which is cool, if you ask me.
7.  Bought a new suit at Ann Taylor, which took a few minutes because apparently my body has not only changed size in the past few years, but also shape, and, well, I'm trying to be okay with that.
8.  Blogged this post and will spend the next three minutes making my picks for the fantasy football league, which, btw, I am still leading, and you boys stop hatin' on me for my picking skills.

Tomorrow I'm taking a quick trip to Birmingham, Alabama, for a mediation session for work on Thursday and then back home Thursday night.  Very cool to get to sit in on one of these, I think.  Seems only reasonable if you are in on a matter from the very start and live through it for seven years and four lawyers that you ought to get to see it to conclusion.  Which may or may not happen on Thursday, but it will be interesting. 

Yeah, I'm legally nerdy like that.  And I'll be wearing a fine suit.

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