Wednesday, October 9, 2013

random stuff

Jr is getting serious about school.  He told me this is the first semester that he's been ahead on his homework.

A few minutes ago, Jr was leaning over my shoulder, moving my mouse, trying to find a blog post that he was sure I needed to see.  I was losing patience, just a little, not like seriously, just a little.  And without looking at him, I intended to give him a tiny little threatening fist in the air, not ever considering that he was leaning over my shoulder so closely that I might punch him in the forehead.  Uh.  Just really glad it wasn't his nose.  I don't need yet another son who won't let me forget giving him a bloody nose or two.

A couple of weeks ago, Jack thought it might be a fun idea to set up a fantasy football league and invite himself, me, Jr., Danielle, Stu, Wally (a childhood friend of Jack's), and Jack's brother, we'll call him Bob, to play.  We just finished up our second week.  Guess who is leading the league in points?  Yep.  Me.  (This is me trashtalking my leaguemates.)

I don't know which I think is funnier--Bob calling Jack at work yesterday to ask if I'm somehow cheating and that's why I'm leading, OR, Jr making his picks based on things like team colors, mascots, and always picking New Orleans to win because they speak French in New Orleans and the team logo is a fleur de lis.

Okay.  Well, probably enough for now.  I gotta go make this week's picks.  Rock on fantasy football.

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Lisa B. said...

I love that you are in a fantasy football league. And that you're leading. Rock on, you!