Thursday, October 17, 2013

the good news

1.  I spent the evening last night with the locals.  Fun was had.
2.  The government is back open.  Wheeeee!
3.  My parents have arrived in California.  Long story about the route.  I'll spare you.
4.  Halloween party planning is in full swing.  As can be seen in this shot:

You heard it's a Harry Potter party this year, correct?  Don't you wish you had a castle in your basement now too?

And this shot:

Which, in case you cannot tell, is a picture of the white board with electrical/electronic diagrams for the various devices that will be used to entertain the guests and frighten the trick-or-treaters...and I've been told those numbers in the corner are something to do with battery life analysis for various haunting devices...

And I told you there will be a band again this year, right?  Yeah, because that's how we rock around here.  And we will rock.  Join us on the 26th, right?  Or if you want to giggle yourself silly, come over on the 31st and sit in the darkened living room with me to laugh at the frightened teenagers out front. 

Best.Time.Ever.  Along with the band.

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Johanna said...

Happy Halloween!!!