Thursday, February 20, 2014

this explains so much

My friend, Lisa, is friends with Ann, who recently posted this link on her blog.  thank you, Lisa, for linking to Ann's blog.  it is great!

This explains so much about GusGus.  When we/I picked him up from the Humane Society, they said he was either from California or Phoenix.  Now I know why he behaves the way he does.  He was part of a pack of feral chihuahuas in Phoenix.

Thinking he was once a wild thing living on the streets of Phoenix gives me a new perspective about him and might help me cut him some additional slack.  He really is a crazy wild dog.

Although I haven't yet figured out how his circus skills fits into this whole scenario.


Stu said...

After the circus shut down, he spent weeks bouncing from one "Transients Welcome" hotel to the next, his severance pay finally ran out.

He slummed it with some friends he knew back in clown college, but eventually they too had to shut their doors to him. Too rough, too wild, he just wasn't fit for inside life.

He was a circus dog, dammit!

He was meant to jump around and bark in time with the calliope. It wasn't his fault that he peed all over everything. Those rotten seals were the ones that introduced him to H. A miracle that he was able to get off that period. What's a few side-effects?

So there he was. Broke, homeless, not a job in sight. What's a dog to do.

That was when he found the pack. Rather, that was when the pack found him!

gilian said...

Whoa. Way more than I ever imagined.