Wednesday, April 2, 2014

cali debrief

Another visit to California complete.  Over too soon, but lots of good new memories.

For example--seeing my oldest boy feeding his girls and hanging out with his little brother.

And seeing the youngest boy playing with his sister's kids.

Of course there was lots of time at the beach, even though it was breezy and even a bit rainy.

These three could not stay away from the waves.


And this one changed from timid around the ocean during the last visit to loves the ocean this time.


She likes the ocean.

And will pose a little if you give her the chance.

 Obviously, Jr still loves the beach.  And can build a mean monster sand castle with moat.

If you look closely you can see the ditch I dug to the ocean that may have eventually filled the moat.  
And there were so many birds.  And little tiny crabs in the sand.  But no pictures of the crabs.

These were everywhere.  Little single clumps and whole hillsides covered.

She did not sleep in the truck on the way home from the beach.  Not at all.  After she woke up.

We saw the San Francisco bay from a boat ride under the Golden Gate bridge, got a little creeped out by the animals living in the aquarium, and ate a delicious crab/salmon/fish & chips lunch.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the birthday celebration for the now eight-year-old in pink.

And then the drive home.  Yep, snow in the Sierra Nevadas in April.

This one really missed us.  Or me.  Can't stay off my lap now that we're home.

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