Friday, April 11, 2014

so lucky

I have an app on my computer at work, a screensaver that shows photos I've taken over the years.  There are a lot of pictures of my kids and grandkids and pets, and I'm always adding new pics.  It's a nice way to see reminders of fun times we've had and good memories we've made.

Quite often, people who come in my office comment on the pictures.  Adorable grandkids, cute dogs, and regularly someone notices that I'm a Dale Earnhardt fan.

But the most frequent comment I hear relates to my daughter.  People tell me all of the time how much we look alike.  And I'm always surprised by that.  I suppose there must be a resemblance, but I've always thought that she is quite simply adorable and haven't really ever put myself in that category.

All I can ever say to that comment is I must be very lucky if I look like her.

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jwkilger2 said...

I think it is hard to see yourself in someone you know so well. I hear regularly that Breanne looks just like me too, but I've never seen it (especially since my kids look so much like their dad). But thank you, this is very sweet.