Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a couple of things

First, thank you dear friends for your wise comments (including Jr who is one of my best friends).

And second, I can't remember what was second.

Oh wait.  I remember.  I got all of my clean laundry moved into the bedroom, all of the clothes that don't fit anymore out of my closet, and all of my new things hung in the closet, sorted by color.  (Thank you Danielle for that great idea!)

I did a little more shopping last weekend--Banana Republic because who doesn't love their pencil skirts (on sale!)--and also yard sailing with Sugar where I found a pair of jeans, two pairs of capris, and five pairs of shorts, all in my newly discovered size. 

 Are these sweet capris or what?  And just $2!!!

I don't know which I was more excited about, the sales at Kohls, the discount at Banana Republic, or the sweet score at that yard sail. 

Or maybe it's feeling good about being able to move my body more easily now and remembering to appreciate all my body still does for me.  It is pretty amazing.  Thanks for the reminder.

ps  Those are Jack's shirts behind me.  They are not sorted by color.  But maybe soon.

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Lisa B. said...

I love hearing about your shopping scores, true story. And pencil skirts are the best.