Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ohhh shopping

Every morning last week as I tried to get dressed for work, I realized none of my favorite skirts or pants fit any more.

Yes, wah me.

I've been postponing shopping for I don't know what, but on Saturday morning, I went to Kohls.

Pause and think about how much I love a good deal.

Kohls had its clearance racks full and I had a couple of hours to kill.

And kill it I did.

Spent $268.  Saved $732.  (Jack pointed out that is 70% off.  Seventy!) Seriously great when the person who rang up my purchase offered me a 15% discount even though I didn't have any coupons with me.

Oh my gosh it was so satisfying.

Three new dresses.  Three new skirts.  Two new tops.  Two new cardigans.  A new pair of black flats (because who doesn't need those for summer?)  A new top for zumba.  A couple of henleys and a perfect fit tee shirt.  And four new jackets for work.

And all of them at least two sizes smaller than anything I've bought in a long, long time.  Thank you weight watchers and zumba.

Oh, and one new nightgown that is so stylish it could be a dress.  Thank you, Vera Wang.  And thank you for the adorable periwinkle blue purse that changes to a lovely shade of purple in just the right light.

Now I just need to go through my closet and pull out all of the things that no longer fit or that I haven't worn for a while and take them to the DI where someone else can find them and love them, and while sorting it all out, I can also figure out the replacement things I need to keep an eye out for.  Like slacks.  And capris.

I really love a super shopping deal.   

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Jessie said...

Amen. Also, awesome. Alliteration always aces all.