Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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Don't you just love ferns?  Those in the header picture make me think of seahorses, and who doesn't love to think about green seahorses?

Almost everything in the gardens is green right now.

The colors are coming soon.  I know this because of these--they like to be the first big showy color out front (they don't count the tulips or daffodils because they aren't really big and regal like these are)

and these--who gets flax that grows with bleeding heart?  Surprisingly, I do, that's who.  These two just decided to grow near to each other and brighten up a dark spot under the silver maple out back.

and this--the little lilac bush that could.  It waits until all of the other big girl lilacs are completely done blooming and then it starts slowly leafing out, then gradually forming blooms, and then covering itself in tiny, pale, fragrant, lilac colored blossoms.  Lilac colored, obviously because it's a lilac, right?  It does it all in its own good time. I like a plant that does it in its own way.

Mother's Day this year was lovely.  Fresh flowers and freshly planted tomato plants in pots, and new shrubbery and perennials to fill up the bed that has sat naked for a year while I tried to decide how best to replace the 40-year-old blue spruce my whackjob neighbor coerced me into removing.  May be a little bitter still.  And feel like I will be held accountable in heaven someday for killing that tree.  But, we came up with a new tree and shrubbery and perennials that I hope will be a suitable gift to the stump of the blue spruce.

Mother's Day also included books from Jr and a newly formed book club whose members for now are he and I.  If you read this blog and feel inclined to join us in reading and discussing the reading, let me know.  We're fun, you know.  And smart.  And well, fun.

Just in case you need to see these, here are a few shots of recent outfits at work.  You know how sometimes the only good thing about going to work is the getting dressed for work part?  I'm kinda stuck in that place right now, so I'm really glad for the woman who helped me figure out what to buy and how to wear it all.  And check out The Bag.

Mother's Day was a bit bittersweet.  We visited my mom and dad and Jack's mom as well.  It used to be I could feel good about myself whenever I stopped by to visit parents because, you know, everybody is so busy and lots of people don't take a few minutes to see their parents or grandparents, so I could, without even realizing I was doing it, feel a little superior for doing my part to make their days with my presence.  Or something like that.  This year wasn't like that so much.  It was more just sad.  Sad to see them in such a hard time of life.  Sad to be unable to help or cheer them up.  Sad to realize that is the future for them and also for us.


Happily though on Mother's Day, my kids and grandkids planned a picnic at the nearby park.  It was delightful.  They brought food and we all sat together and laughed and played and ate.  Jessie snapped this shot just as we were about to clear out and then she posted it on instagram with a sweet message that was a wonderful gift.

I'm so blessed by these kids of mine.

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Lisa B. said...

I love that picture of you and Jessie so much. Perfect. And the pictures of your garden! (this may be my blog post tonight, wait for it.) Beautiful! I love iris and I love flax. Right now our flax is coming into its own, and one of our big front yard rosebushes is coming into bloom, along with clematis and columbine. Heavenly.

p.s. you look GREAT in all of those outfits. Well done, well dressed!