Saturday, May 2, 2015

siblings--part 2

Okay I've thought more about my post about Jessie's kids.  Maybe I should have called that post sisters instead of siblings.  But another recent picture she posted on Instagram helped me think more clearly about what I was trying to say about her family.  Again, I wish I knew how to copy pictures from that app so I could paste them here, but I don't, so I'll describe the picture.  It was a compilation of four pictures, one of each of her brand new girls, each wearing the same sweet newborn outfit.  It was adorable and sweet and also fun to see how much alike and how very different they look.

But mostly, every time I look at that picture, I realize she has four girls.  FOUR.  She has been blessed with four girls.  Obviously that is so very different from my experience with motherhood.  I was always, always so very grateful to have one daughter.  She has been such a blessing.  But four?  Wow. 

Seeing them all together at her house last weekend made me realize how they are growing into these amazing beings.  I see their future and envision them each as individual, different people, but all becoming strong, capable, intelligent, beautiful, kind, talented, and compassionate women.  Just like their mom.

And that fills me with love for her and them and gives me hope for the next generation that will have women like them in it.  Such a gift to her, and I keep thinking I don't know anybody more able to fill that role. 

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