Friday, May 1, 2015

siblings--a post full of only love

When we started the basement remodel a couple of months ago, we also started inviting Jack's brother to come to dinner every night to help him start to feel more at home in what will soon become his new home.  This is a shot I got of Jack and his brother doing the dishes together after dinner one night.  They frequently do the dishes together, and I can't help but think that their mother and their father would be so happy if they could witness this.

I love pictures of siblings together.  I remember being pregnant with my third child and feeling like maybe people were looking at me askance, judging me for having, you know, so many children.  Because three seemed like a lot to me when everyone around me had none or maybe one at most.  At some point, I realized I didn't really care what people thought about how many children I gave birth to because I knew they were exactly the children who were supposed to be loved by me in my care. 

Sometimes when I tell people Jessie just had her fifth baby, they express some emotion--not really sure what it is--but I always, always say that I don't know anybody who is a better or more loving mother, who can handle five children, or more even.  I wish I knew how to steal photos off of Instagram because Jessie has posted some amazing shots in the past week that I'd like to share.  One was from the first time she took all five kids in her van together.  It looked so right.  Another was a shot of her brood walking home from school--because she is so amazing that one week after giving birth, she decided to walk to the school with her three littles to pick up the two older girls to walk home on a warm spring day.  Again, it touched me deeply to see her with these little people of hers.

I wish I'd taken a picture of her family together in their home last weekend when we visited--Jessie was holding Gwen, with Leo by her side, and all three big girls came to stand together in front of her to excitedly tell her something she obviously needed to hear from them.  I don't remember the conversation because I was so enthralled at the site of these five individuals who call her mom.  Again, it looked so right.  There is no doubt in my mind that these are exactly the five children who are supposed to be in her care at this time.  I'm so glad to be nearby, invited in to witness it all.

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