Sunday, August 7, 2011

all i got

I had hoped to have pictures to share today of new countertops with a new sink on top of new cabinets.

I planned to take photos of the flowerbeds I weeded and then photos of the newly completed kitchen and the freshly cleaned carpets, because there are some beautiful new countertops on top of the new cabinets. There are new countertops with a new sink and faucet and sprayer that are simply lovely.

And the carpets are all freshly scrubbed.

Unfortunately, while I was finishing the weeding, Jack and Jr were completing the plumbing and then closing all of the windows and locking all of the doors so we could get home in time to start the dinner. And while the cabinets and countertops are in place, there is still some amount of screwing or nailing and connecting that needs to commence before the photo shoot.

And then they put the camera in the truck and told me to get in.

So no photos yet.

Except for the above shot which documents my latest attempt to keep the water out of the basement. Three rows of blocks. Which doesn't seem like much and isn't all that much unless you count the leveling of the soil behind the blocks and into the garden area effort that accompanied the laying of the blocks. Now that, that was some effort.

And hallelujah! tomorrow is the last day before the new tenants move in.

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