Saturday, August 20, 2011

gold stars all around

One of my biggest concerns about having my shoulder jerked around was who would take care of me afterwards.

I had a clear thought in my mind that Jack and Jr should be the ones to care for me--make sure I had medication on time, and meals--nothing fancy, just quick and reliably provided--and possibly most important, who would keep JoJo from leaping from the doorway onto me on the bed?

I mentioned my concern several times to Jack in the past week.

Guess who came through? Guess who made sure I had food and meds and protection from Jo?

Yes. Jack. Total trooper. Food and prescription and no dog attacks and perhaps most important, a constant supply of the frozen miracle of healing--ice in my icepack.

He deserves a big shiny gold star on his forehead.

Oh and I got my grades for this semester. Three As, one A-, and one B+. So. Big gold star for me too.


Lisa B. said...

Someone needs to come up with a typographical way to make a gold star. Probably there's an emoticon way, but I don't know it. But if I did, I would paper this comment with gold stars for the both of you. xo

Joey said...

You deserve the TLC and he deserves a pat on the back, but it had better not be you giving it...just yet.

Congrats on the grads. These amazing accomplishments should be shooting your esteem through the ceiling.