Friday, August 12, 2011

weekend plans

Plant four pots of phlox I bought two weekends ago.

Don't do any homework since the long hot semester of summer officially ended for me last night.

Yard sailing with Sugar in the A.M.

Rental house upstairs tidying, followed by attendance at local minor league baseball game, accompanied by the obviously-required consumption of hot dogs, sodas, and peanuts.

Rest up the finally diagnosed frozen shoulder in preparation for the upcoming sedation and manipulation. Oh my. Sedation = Yes. Manipulation = Boo.


Joey said...

Sounds wonderful.

Lisa B. said...

This sounds kind of awesome, up until that very last part. Hope it helps. When you eat that hot dog, give a fleeting thought to me.

Jessie said...

Sounds so much better than the recent chaoticness you've been posting about. Sorry about the manipulation though, and the tidying and cleaning. Lame-o.