Tuesday, September 27, 2011

because you need to know

I'm giving out a quick update:

1. Spider is still living in the window.
2. My computer is having typing difficulties that may or may not be related to my idea to clip the cat's nails the other day while holding my computer on my lap. I'll be turning over the compy to see what falls out from under the keys.
3. I'm sitting in my recycled rocker/recliner. $15 at a recent yardsale--it's a lazyboy and it's beautiful florally with those cool metal stud/brad thingies. Okay so it's reclining mechanism isn't quite right so you have to make sure you don't put your hand under the handle or it could get crushed into the floor...but still, it's a great rocker and so comfee. If that's a word.
4. Shoulder rehab is coming along nicely. Recent visits to therapy have included a reminder from the therapist that this process will take three months or 12 weeks, whichever I prefer. Also enjoyed the day that I said I was ready for her tortures and she announced, "Let the games begin."
5. For Lisa, at the same yardsale, I discovered a terrific Stevie Nicks-ish dress. I think I need you to hook me up with some lyrics.
6. I did not drive to class tonight because my teacher is out of town and sent a sub. See I'm thinkin' that if he can't be there, neither can I, right?

There's probably more, but really, how much can you stand all at once.

Oh, just one more. In case you are not a regular reader of my daughter's blog, you should really click on over there because it's got a pretty great post up right here. Really. It will make you smile and maybe even laugh out loud. And you know you need that, right?

You're welcome.


Lisa B. said...

Stevie Nicks-ish dress?

????? OMG!!!!!!!!!

you let me know about when/where to get you those lyrics, missy.

Joey said...

Okay, the Robot thing is so adorable!