Wednesday, September 21, 2011

is this a huge mistake?

This guy--or girl--took up residence a couple of months ago in the window outside of the office. His or her web catches all kinds of bugs, so that's good right? I've been inclined to let him or her be.

Jack pointed out though that if he is a she, we just might see hundreds of little baby spidees, small enough to set up homes inside of the office.

But still, I'm not sure I can go out there and tear down his or her home.

I mean, it isn't like he or she is a mouse.


Jessie said...

Don't know about a huge mistake, but probably a very large one. Heebie jeebies over here just thinking about it.

Joey said...

Yeah, squatters sometimes have to be booted out for the good of the entire community.

And I'm not ever afraid of spiders.