Friday, September 30, 2011

ten reasons why i'm in college

1. Because I can be.
2. Because I see and hear and learn things I've never even thought about.
3. Because it makes me feel smarter than I was before.
4. Because it makes me feel stronger than I was before.
5. Because it makes me feel.
6. Because it didn't occur to me to go when I was 19.
7. Because I like learning.
8. Because I'm not a quitter.
9. Because I only have 1.6 semesters until I have earned my degree.
10. Because I'm not too old.

Yes. I'm feeling a bit touchy. Really annoys, irritates, gripes, hurts me when somebody questions me when I ask for the student discount. Stop raising your eyebrows questioningly and give me the discount. And don't ask if I'm the oldest kid in my class. Because I might be old(er), but you're rude or mean or at the very least on my list of people I'd punch in the face if I were that type of person.

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Jake Wilde said...

let me know, i'll punch a bitch out.