Sunday, September 18, 2011

this isn't california it's heaven

I got the email from Delta today that says I can check in for my flight home tomorrow.

Just as I had to stop myself from thinking about coming here until the day before I got on the plane, I've been trying to not think about how I will not be here forever.

Not that I don't want to go home. Lots of greatness there.

But here (in no particular order):

1. Every morning my door opens and a little face pokes in and says, "Gramma, you awake?" Followed by a full contact hug of arms around my neck with soft cheeks next to mine and kisses good morning and snuggling and giggling under the covers.

2. Plenty of time to finish my homework. I know, really? Homework while on vacation? Yep.

3. Naps. Everyday with at least one or two little girls sitting on or next to me. Totally satisfying.

4. I read a book. Not a textbook--The Help. I don't remember the last novel I read. I laid on the couch and in my bed and read. Started it yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. I'd forgotten how much I like reading for pleasure.

5. Food without cooking or cleaning up. I haven't cooked or done dishes at all. Sorry about that Jessie. But it has been pretty sweet.

6. Hours and hours watching my daughter and her family interact. Could not be better.


Lisa B. said...

I feel you, my sister. So glad you had a wonderful time.

Jessie said...

Uh, you just did the dishes. And you've bathed the girls, multiple times, despite C's recent affinity for splashing. We will definitely miss you when you're gone.