Wednesday, April 4, 2012

funny road construction guys

Driving to school the other night through the construction zone, I noticed the following message on one of those electronic road signs:

"Tight Lane Just Exit"

Hmmm. What could that mean, I wondered? Thought quite seriously about it since I drive a little car. I mean, really, what else would I do besides exit if the lane got tight? It reminded me of the entertaining road signs in the sierra nevada mountains (let 'em roll, cool 'em down) (or something like that).

By the time I finished thinking these thoughts, I saw the next electronic road sign:

"Right Lane Must Exit"

Wait a minute. That's what those signs always say, so what was up with that first one? Did it (a) really say that or was it (b) broken or am I just (c) super amazingly creative when driving through construction zones and should probably think about changing careers from paralegal to entertaining sign message creation guy?

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