Tuesday, April 17, 2012

why do i feel so sad?

If all of my classes were like those taught by the judge, I couldn't bear to keep my promise to Jack to never go to school again after this semester.


Joey said...

Maybe the answer is continuing to learn just not in the same high pressure cooker that college is. I had this neat pediatrician when my kids were little. There was an article about him a while back. He and a group of friend audit classes at the U of U. Did you know you can audit for free when you are past 65? They were taking everything from psychology to physics. I have a neighbor who takes art classes at SLCC.

Learning can go on even when college is ended. Spanish classes at community ed, dance classes at the YMCA. Harvard and Yale have old online courses posted that you can audit and do all the work.

There is joy in learning. And the benefit is that if you have a teacher that is not-quite-as-cool as the judge, you can drop out without worrying about the cost!

Anonymous said...

maybe you forgot life is like a book, each time you turn the page,
a new adventure is ahead!

start planning the new adventure today!

sky diving anyone?