Saturday, April 28, 2012

and then it was done

Most of the whole graduation thing is a haze.  I remember at commencement that Erin Gruwell was quite inspiring and I felt kind of proud to be graduating as a wolverine after listening to Matthew Holland.  

The next morning, convocation was an exciting, giddy blur.  Entering the arena with my paralegal buddies and seeing my family all waving and cheering me on was a trip.

 Hearing Katy's name called as she headed up the ramp, trying to stand as instructed on the yellow tape while preparing to hear my name was sort of unsettling--it seemed to take forever when we were sitting waiting for our turn, but when you actually got up there it all went by in a flash.

And then walking out with all of my classmates--totally don't remember anything about being on the ramp, except for when I shook Matthew Holland's hand and told him it was nice to finally meet him.

 That proud feeling again, loud and clear for me and everyone to see in that poster Shi and her girls created.

And then spending the day with many of those people I love the most




 I'm not gonna felt pretty good.


Amelia said...


Shi said...

Congrats! And we are really, really proud of you! And I think theses pics are really great too!

Joey said...

Seriously proud of you. I love that this is something that no one can ever take from you. Until the day you die, you will be a college graduate. So cool. And a double accomplishment to have done it with a job, family, parent responsibilities.

You did it!!!! Congratulations.

I hope the party went went. I was disappointed to have missed it, but I'll bet all the most important people showed up.

Love you lots! Way to go!