Friday, April 13, 2012

simply because it's spring

It's the last of these

If you look closely, you'll see ferns unrolling, hostas poking through the mulch, tulips about to change from yellow to orange, and the last of the daffodils...and also the wild geraniums and a bunch of other stuff just starting to green up...

I planted these a couple of years ago--don't know what they're called but they add quite a bright little spot in their corner of the gardens.

These lovelies fill in more each year...

These fade quickly as soon as it gets warm, and every year I'm surprised when they daintily reappear early in spring

Sadly, the light wasn't quite right to catch the dazzling pinkness of these tulips.

This is the view out of the study window. So much pink, purple, red, green.

yes that is a bathtub in the gardens

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Joey said...

Is it secluded enough to take a bath in because the setting is beautiful.