Sunday, August 19, 2012

have you ever seen a real sailor?

Walking through the airport when I got home the other night I passed three sailors.  Youngsters (okay they were probably all in their late teens/early twenties) but all three in their white sailor uniforms.

So handsome.  Totally stood out in the crowd. All bright white with those flared pants and those ties.  And the hats?  Ooh, the hats.

I've always like sailor dresses for little girls, but until I saw those three guys, I'd never fully understood the attraction to a man in a sailor uniform.  Not sure I do now either, but those uniforms?  Wow.

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Jessie said...

When I presented at that conference in Virginia, we were at a military school, and there were sailors dressed in their whites everywhere. It was stunning, until I realized that they were all just following around one of the girls in our group who had enticed them with her feminine wiles. Then I realized that they were just boys. :) I do have a lot of respect for those who earn those uniforms, though.