Thursday, August 30, 2012

i am awake

It is late, almost late enough to be early.  And I cannot sleep.  Thoughts large and small consume my mind and push sleep away.

It is nearing the time when I think often of a family I don't know who gave a gift that restored health and life.

Jr is headed to California in a few hours with a friend, but not with me, and I can hardly breathe, knowing I'm missing out on time spent with the Californians.

My black eye?  Nearly gone.  My not-a-stye red bump?  Still here.

And the news.  The constant blahblahblah that passes as reporting.  I've been thinking lately that anyone who comments on the news, rather than simply reporting events, should be banned.  First offense = one month out of the news office.  Second offense = three months out of the office.  Third offense = three strikes, you're out for life.  Go get a different job.

And this:

This is how I feel about politics right now.  

Now, perhaps, because I have cleverly emptied my mind on the internet, maybe now I will be able to sleep.