Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've got the streets figured out.  Not boasting, just, well, it's about time, right?

Had to stop last night at the Firestone to get a new tire because, well, if you get a flat, the rental company will send someone to help you, but if you only get the low air message, you have to find a place to either swap cars with you or fix the tire.  And since my low tire had a big screw in it and couldn't be repaired, my rental car got a new tire.

So I'm feeling pretty smart about driving around the streets of this town on my new tire.  Even got myself to class by taking a route I devised without the help of google maps.  Pretty smart, right?

And then today at lunchtime, I got in the rental with the new tire, turned on the road to Wendy's and what popped up on the windshield right in front of my face?

Of course.

A lizard.

He was a crafty one.  Running here and there in circles and zigzags across the hood and up onto the windshield.

He was not intimidated by the 40 mph breeze blowing around him, and in a show of complete fearlessness, he did not even flinch when I screamed at his initial appearance.  It felt like I was in a cartoon, a Jurasic Park cartoon.

So holy cow.  What is it with these critters?  Really?  On the hood of my car?

And yes, as terrified of him as I was (and grateful my windows were closed), I was equally afraid he was going to fall or jump off the car while we were driving 40 mph.

Luckily for him, he waited until I was slowing for the turn into Wendy's before hopping off.  The Wendy's girl told me I should be glad my windows were closed because if a lizard gets into your car, you just have to wait for it to die because you can't capture and release them.

I'm going to be so happy to be back home where we only have normal creatures running around and none of them pop up unexpectedly on the hood of my vehicle.

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