Wednesday, September 5, 2012

did not see this coming

My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

I want to doubt this diagnosis.  After all, mom made an appointment for him to see the doctor to have him checked, but when dad refused to go, mom went herself and talked to the doctor.  She'd made a two-page list detailing changes in his behavior over the past few months, and after listening closely, the doctor said he agreed that these were classical symptoms of Alzheimer's.   He then prescribed some medication that may slow the progression of the disease.

Mom hopes to get him in for an in-person check sometime soon.

After researching it on the internet, noting all of the changes in his behavior over the past two years and particularly the past month, I cannot believe I didn't see this coming.  I've chalked it all up to him getting older, mom driving him crazy.  But now, it all seems so obvious.

I woke up yesterday morning certain it was raining outside.  It wasn't outside, it was all in my head.  And my heart.  I feel so deeply sad to realize that even though his body will still be here for a time, I will be slowly losing my dad as the person he has always been gradually fades away.

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Joey said...

I'm so sorry, dear friend. I know you always have been "Daddy's Girl." And losing someone by degrees is never easy. Well, really when is it easy to lose anyone? Never, I guess. But my heart aches for you.

I shall always remember his truck "Big Red," wasn't it? And your Chevette "Lil Red."