Thursday, September 13, 2012

has it really only been a week?

I walked into the front of a minivan last night.  She stopped just in time.  I was focused on the truck and motorcycle to the right of me as I walked from my car to the entrance of Smith's and must have forgotten to look to the left.  The poor minivan driver was beside herself.  Apparently the sun was in her eyes and she saw me just in time to slam on her brakes as I put my left hand out to stop her from hitting me.

Obviously I have far too much on my mind.

There's my dad.

And my mom.

And Jr's car that was broken.

And work.

And other stuff.

I need to take a breather.  And pay attention.


Jessie said...

Seriously. Be careful. There are a few people who need you here.

Joey said...

Breathe. That's what someone else always tells me. It's funny, but I read an article once that said that when we are under a lot of stress our brains stop doing those looking both ways, or taking our keys when we lock the car, or picking up our wallet after we've paid at the store. Yep, I've done all of those.

So in all of it, remember to breathe.

Love you.

Lisa B. said...

I am so sorry to hear about the hard things going on in your life and family. And I am thinking about you. And yes: do please be careful. And stop, and breathe, and look around. xoxoxo