Friday, January 17, 2014

remember that one time

Spent most of yesterday back at the ER.  Had another of those not-heart-attack episodes.  There have been a few times lately when I thought I was headed into another episode but didn't get to anything full-blown like the first time, but yesterday was the whole enchilada. 

It happened at work in my boss' office.  Freaked him right out. 

Unfortunately, Jack had decided to stay home yesterday, so my friend, Eileen, drove me to the ER and he met us there.

More of the same tests.  A couple of new ones to rule out blood clots and stroke.

And this time they gave me a diagnosis.  Likely caused by low blood pressure and possible irregular heart beats.  Sent me home with a blood pressure medication that will keep it at normal (what does that really mean?) and also told me to take a baby aspirin daily to help me avoid clots. 

Also gave me my own prescription of nitroglycerin so if it happens again, I can slip one of those tiny dynamos under my tongue and nearly instantly feel better.

Another follow-up visit is scheduled with the cardiologist.  (Did I mention our last visit ended with him advising me to get a massage and try to take it easy?)


I suppose if you're having episodes like these and you're going to spend time and money at the ER, it is good to get a diagnosis rather than leaving and wondering what is what. 

And if you consider all of the possible diagnoses, really, low blood pressure doesn't seem so bad at all.


Joey said...

Ah, the things we used to take for granted when we were kids, right?

So glad that you got an answer. Now I hope you can take care of it.

Love you,

Lisa B. said...

I'm glad I checked in, and I'm glad you've got a name for the problem, and some solutions. Hope you're feeling better. I'll be thinking of you.