Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I've really got to post an update.

First, the new boy is home and doing well.  A kind of scary start, but everyone seems to be settling in.

Second, zumba update.  I missed a few classes, what with Christmas and travel and hospital visits and granchildren visits (loved the boy's sisters' sleepover last weekend!)  So it turns out that only going once every week or so can be a bit detrimental to body-shaking improvement.  But I'm back on track I think.

Although yesterday someone at my work was in my office, talking about how much she loves zumba but how, at 50, she is so old to be dancing around like that.  And she told me about her favorite new zumba routine (all while explaining to me about how zumba is an organization where the instructors are certified somehow and they all learn and teach the same routines to the same songs so you can go to a class anywhere and do basically the same workouts--good to know, I guess?). 

Anyway.  She told me the name of her favorite new routine/song, one by somebody named Pitbull who does a song called Timber.  So of course, I googled that and zumba and could watch a group of zumba kids doing that routine.  And because it was slow to download, I kept going back to the start and rewatching the parts that were downloaded, like the first 20 seconds, then starting again and watching the first 30 seconds and on and on until eventually I'd watched the whole thing. 

During all of that watching and rewatching I realized that in the version I was watching there was one girl, towards the back and side of the class who was struggling to keep up, not raising her arms as high or kicking or shaking as much...and you can guess where this is going, right?

I thought about that girl today and again tonight at class.  The instructor in tonight's class demonstrated the moves for each song and then did them really small.  I think she was trying to encourage everybody to let loose and do the moves big like they are supposed to be done.  You know, let yourself enjoy it and move like a dancer.

And when I thought about that girl tonight and watched those small moves, it made me move bigger.  Might not have been the right moves every second (actually, I'm sure of that), but it felt good to move big and that feeling good has got to be a very good thing.

and look who figured out how to download video.  well, not me.  i'm not certain how this all happened but isn't it pretty great?


Lisa B. said...

I love the story of the big/small moves in Zumba. Nice. Feeling good IS good!

Jessie said...

Yay videos! and Yay Zumba! Go big or go home.