Sunday, January 31, 2016


1.  Thank you JoJo and Gus for sleeping in until 6:30 yesterday and today.  Good dogs.
2.  Thank you two friends who I met for breakfast and chatter, even though it was at Carl's Jr and there is nothing--nothing--healthy to eat at that place.  The visit was well worth the sacrifice of wolfing down that almost-all-the-day-weightwatchers-points sausage cheese egg biscuit.
3.  Thank you Jr for accompanying me to Home Depot to pick up a new sink, faucet, countertop, and whatever that other stuff was we needed for the laundry room remodel, and for not exploding at the apparently new cashier who might have been possibly a bit lazy or maybe just really new in the customer service business.
4. Thank you Jack's mom for being in such high spirits, for looking so good.  And perhaps the thank you should also go out to Jack's mom's caretakers who are so very, very, very good at what they do.
5. Thank you Melissa for showing up every other week and cleaning all the things--the kitchen, the bathrooms, the floors, the dust--oh, and especially the basement, that manspace I'm so happy I don't have to clean.  Thank you for always showing up, ensuring I keep up with the tidying and daily clutter removal which would overwhelm and bury us if not for your scheduled visits.
6. Thank you Jr for half of the sixth Harry Potter movie in the theater downstairs.  Yes, I am starting to look forward to more Potter.
7. Thank you winter for the beautiful dusting on everything, even with the accompanying slipperyness and countless near falls.  And thank you sense of balance for keeping me upright through all of those near falls.
8. And finally, thank you Jack for the hockey game night with Stu and Shi.  Thank you for the season tickets that get us out of our chairs and out of the house every few nights and sometimes several nights in a row.  Thank you for the entertaining hours, the wacky dancing to now familiar bits of songs, the group cheers and individual yelling that makes me giggle sometimes and laugh out loud other times.  And of course, the hockey--the intensity of movement, effort, exertion, emotion--it is extraordinary.  Thank you Stu for your part in all of this.

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Lisa B. said...

This is a goodly collection of gratitude--it made me grateful at a distance. xoxo

(ps, sleeping in till 6:30 is not sleeping in, DOGS.)