Friday, January 29, 2016

the best laid non-plans

It's off Friday.  I woke this morning around 4:00--thank you JoJo for sleeping in that extra hour today after rising every other morning this week at 3:00.

So there I am, awake at 4:00, thinking about my wide open day ahead.  What to do with a day away from work?

Should I tidy up, do some laundry, pay some bills?  Finish reading book 5 of the Harry Potter series?  (I'd successfully avoided reading or watching any Harry Potter related stuff until Jr convinced me I should join him and his friend on a trip to Potter World in March, which required reading all of the books and watching all of the movies.  A kind of training if you will.)

Or wait.  There's the laundry room remodel that we've begun.  Cupboards have been removed, flooring has been ripped out, walls have been patched and painted.  There's probably something in there I could work on today to try to keep the project moving along so it will be done before the super bowl party next Sunday.

Then I remembered I've agreed to watch the darling Meredith on my off afternoons.  That will be a good time, followed by the hockey game tonight.

Then promptly at 7:00, Jack's cell phone rang, which is usually either a call from work or a call from his mom's care center.  Care center this time.  They found her on the floor by her bed, with the bedding torn from the bed and a new skin tear on her arm.  Sigh.  Skin tear sounds so minor, so simple, so this-is-no-big-deal.  But the last one took over a month to heal.  She is so fragile.

Then around 8:00 my phone rang.  It was my mom looking for someone to go to Sam's to pick up a prescription and 'three of those jugs of orange juice with the green lids'. 

So there you go.  It's time to shower, dress, do a bit of quick tidying, hit the Sam's, stop by the care center, go play with Meredith, and drop in for a hockey game.  I'll take the potter book just in case there's a few empty minutes at some point.

Sigh.  I probably didn't need to lounge around all day in my jammies today.

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Jessie said...

Your life is exhausting. I'm sorry.