Monday, April 4, 2011

an admission or two

I am getting old. Apparently.

Two recent events have forced me to recognize this fact.

1. This:

I was totally surprised to see these beauties poking through the mulch this year. I do not remember planting them. At all. My memory is going, going, gone. I'm just hoping that the majority of future surprises are this type of delightful.

2. Unfortunately, I know that will not be the case. This one I'm embarrassed to even admit. I may not be able to even admit it. But let me start by apologizing again to Stu, Shi, and Jr. I can't even explain how it happened. But my friends all tell me it's a part of aging. Even still, so embarrassed. I will try to avoid future repeat performances. See, guys can do this all the time and get away with it. I grew up with a dad who regularly said, "Pull my finger" and even now, I have to make myself say, "No, dad, I won't pull your finger." There. Enough said. How embarrassing. Sorry, kids.


Anonymous said...

This post should have been tagged "Flowers & Flatulence; and adimission or two."



Anonymous said...

sorry my bad


Johanna said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Getting old is terrible!