Sunday, April 10, 2011

in case you wondered

This is the daily routine in my world:

5:45--wake up, fall out of bed, shower, brush, dress, blow dry, stumble to the car.
6:45--on the road
7:30--arrive at work where I will stay for 10-11 hours
5:45--stumble back to the car and drive in semi-conscious state to either a) home or b) school
6:30--arrive at either school or home where I will pick several of the following to entertain me for the evening a) laundry, b) dinner, c) dishes, or d) all of the above and more
10:00--stumble back to bed.

(Of course, Fridays are different because I get up earlier so I can make it to my 7:00 class with the extra 45 minute drive each way before I go to work. Never again will I take a 7:00 a.m. class. Remind me of this if I even think about it.)

The other options are Saturdays and Sundays when I rise just as early and either go to school (which involves driving and varying levels of irritation depending on whether my Business Law instructor begins his lecture by merely discussing the political/economic events of the week as he sees them through his fox news lens or instead, as he did yesterday, opens his internet browser on the screen so we can all read along to items he finds of interest on the drudge report--yep, it's been nearly 36 hours since that happened yesterday and I'm still fuming. First time I've ever just gotten up and walked out of class.)

Okay. Where was I? Oh yeh, either go to school on Saturday or go to the rental house to continue the remodel.

And speaking of the remodel. Jack and Jr have spent numerous hours there and have made progress. The rewiring is, in my opinion, about 3/4 complete. They also moved enough pipes and such yesterday that they were able to sheetrock over the hole in the wall at the bottom of the stairs and soon will be able to re-install the bottom six steps. They pulled or pushed down the floor/wall/ceiling addition that the people we bought the house from had installed in the stairwell. Maybe I hadn't mentioned that addition--it's the place where they nailed in some wood so there could be a washer and dryer both upstairs and downstairs. Sounds like a great idea for a rental, right? Except for two things--a) it wasn't installed all that soundly so it was just a matter of time before the addition fell to the basement (one too many out of balance wash cycles), and b) it was installed soundly enough that it hurt like hell anytime anyone taller than me went down the stairs and forgot to duck and hit his head on the bottom of that addition.

Today, I planned to tape and mud the sheetrock Jack and Jr installed yesterday in the stairwell. I used a pair of pliers to pull open the bucket of mud (think about opening a gallon jug of milk but the size of a five-gallon bucket--that plastic strip you pull off that winds around the lid is hard to pull, so I grabbed it with pliers, because, well, I'm just so smart about construction, right?) But, of course, after I peeled off the plastic strip, I still couldn't get the lid off. Jack saw me struggling with it and came over to snap back each of the eight or so sections around the bucket so the lid would come off. As he snapped the last section, I looked at him and said, "Everything about this house is so hard." And he agreed.

For fun, I'm posting a few of the pictures Jr took of the attic. See, he's the only one who's willing to go up there to pull wires. I'm telling you, this kid is gold.

This is old wiring. Old, bare wires attached higglety-pigglety.

This is the little teeny opening to the attic. The kid is gold.


Anonymous said...

not gonna lie. i like the attic. its quiet, i get to do what i want. and almost everytime i'm up there i can hear the rain on the tin crown. also there is only about an inch of fiberglass insulation. the rest is all shredded celulose; which isn't itchy but does taste like death. and the yellow wires you can see, that have been run all higgley piggely were ran by the previous owner. my wires are neatly stapled to the roof supports.


Johanna said...

Busy, busy life. I'm sure there will be a harvest some day for all of the work you are doing!