Monday, April 18, 2011

it's spring

You know it's spring, right, because it's raining more and snowing less, and the crocuses are up and gone replaced by the daffodils, and there's that one other thing that happens every spring.

Baby cows. Yep, the calves are back. I've been watching them during my recent drives up north and I'm developing a theory.

I know, you can hardly wait to hear this one.

But see, it's like this. I watch those baby cows running and kicking up their little cow heels and sprinting about the hills and through the sagebrush. And I see their mamas plodding along with the babies running circles, literally, around them.

I'm starting to think that those mama cows aren't really mama cows at all. They're gramma cows. Or at least it makes sense to me. They're content to walk slowly along while those little babies run circles around them. It feels very familiar to me.

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Johanna said...


Although my little Pete is not content to let me walk slowly.

But I love the image.