Thursday, June 30, 2011

and then it was over

It is so quiet here today.

Ten days of girls--pizza, zoo, sleepovers, hot tubbing, lots of extra pink and cousins and smiles and giggles and hugs and kisses--

Jr returned from France last weekend amidst a flurry of bridal showers and pancakes and bacon breakfasts, happy to have gone yet quite happy to be back on familiar soil.

And the wedding of the century was yesterday--beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely maidens, adorable flower girls, well put together groomsmen, smiling grammas and grampa, proud parents, and of course, stylish mother-of-the-groom in dress C, which was my choice as well as that of my readers and friends, and a fine choice at that--

Today it's all done and everybody who doesn't live here has gone home or on honeymoon and it's Jack, Jr, me, and the pets. And the wind chimes out back.

That sound you hear--listen--yes it's the chimes, but also me sighing faintly, a mix of relief, satisfaction, and just a wee touch of melancholy.


Lisa B. said...

I know this very, very feeling. Glad it went well--sorry not to have been there for a part of it.

Joey said...

It was a classy wedding and a happy couple.

How can you be so happy to see them embark on their own life and yet sad at the same time.

I remember Emily once asking me at the age of 4 years if I would miss her when she grew up. You know, as much as I love her now, I do miss her then.