Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a baby situation

Sunday night, Jessie's girls took a bath at my house. All three together, just shortly after they arrived, but before Cailin was really sure she was happy about being here with people besides her mom, dad, and sisters.

I stayed with the girls while Jessie cleaned out their van and organized their belongings in the guest bedroom/toy room.

Cailin was not thrilled about the missing mommy until I helped her remember how fun it is to splash a little bit in the tub, which of course, led to more and more splashing.

Not a problem. I pulled the shower curtain closed a little and said to the girls, "Oh dear, it looks like we have a baby situation here." We giggled and they splashed.

Last night, Janey asked during dinner if she could take a bath after dinner. I said it was fine with me, but we might have another baby incident.

And that's when Janey said, "Gramma, we had a baby situation not a baby incident."

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Amelia said...

Yah Gramma, get it right. Have a delightful visit!