Thursday, June 23, 2011

but it turned out surprisingly well

I'm cut.

Not the words you want to hear when your kid comes in from the workshop where he's been using the table saw to make nightstands to match the beautiful mission-style bed he made for his soon-to-be bride...

Better to hear: For a run in with a table saw, you're pretty lucky (as spoken by the emergency room doc who just stitched him up).

Lucky as in didn't cut through any ligaments, nerves or bones. Lucky as in still has all of his fingers. Lucky as in it was his right ring finger and not the one he's supposed to start wearing a ring on next Wednesday. Lucky as in it merely nicked him--a mere flesh wound?--not really such a thing in my mind when we're talking table saw encounters.

Just three hours later, he was the proud owner of four stitches, most of the finger intact but definitely sporting a new fingerprint.

Honestly though, it was the worst 'this definitely needs stitches' moment I've seen yet. Hopefully the last. I thought we were past the visits to the ER for stitches...

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Johanna said...

Have a serious fear of saws. Clayton worked one summer at a cabinet shop to pay his way through college and I worried every day.

So glad it went as well as it did.

Still, scary.