Friday, January 6, 2012

i think i'll try this

Nearly a week into the new year. I've been considering what may be called resolutions or perhaps goals to achieve and have come up with these:

~~More face time with friends

~~Be more fit

~~Graduate from college

~~Heal my shoulder

~~More feeling and expressing

This seems like a satisfactory list. One per quarter or a little of each every day or something like that. Oh wait, there are five things and only four quarters...I'll work on this--maybe add one more and make it one every other month? Nah. These are definitely things that will need to be done regularly, daily or weekly. Often. I see pancakes and tea in my near future.


Lisa B. said...

Pancakes! Tea! goals that involve these cannot be bad goals.

Joey said...

Crazy how hard it is to get to the simple things. I've learned a lot this last season about being in the moment and finding joy where you can.

Good luck. When does school start?