Thursday, January 12, 2012

i'm paying for this

Went to my bankruptcy law class tonight and learned the following:

1. If you make double payments on your mortgage, you'll pay it off in seven years.
2. You should save 5-10% of your income.
3. You should set aside money for date nights.
4. The man of the house should be in charge of the money.
5. Both people in a marriage should have a separate checking account and the husband should put a portion of their money into an account for his wife--an allowance--that will allow her to pay some of the bills (so she learns how to take care of money) with a little extra that she can save for when she wants to buy herself a new appliance or a new dress.

There was more.

If it weren't so early in the semester I'm certain I would have raised my hand and asked if I should have given my paycheck to my new husband if he had no job and insisted on gambling away all of our income or if he spent it all on drugs. Jack didn't do that. But seriously. What century are we in?


Shi said...

yeah seriously... good gravy...

Lisa B. said...


Anonymous said...

How OLD was this teacher????????

And was the textbook written out by monk scribes?

Or did he follow the textbook?

Joey said...

That was me.