Monday, January 2, 2012

what does this mean?

For Christmas this year, this is one of the gifts I bought for my mother-in-law:

I searched through Kohl's website until I found something I thought she would really like. And I was right. She loved it.

During that same search, I found this for my mom:

Are we seeing a pattern here? Yep. I bought the same nightgown for my mother-in-law as I bought for my mom, only one was pink and one was yellow.

I didn't realize I'd bought them the same gift until the package arrived in the mail.

There's more.

The day before Christmas, I went to the bead store to try to find ideas for something to make for my mom. Somehow, my brain figured out that I didn't have time to make anything, so instead I bought her a bracelet there. But see, then, I'd spent as much for her bracelet as I'd spent on my dad's gifts and on Jack's mom's gifts. So I decided to just give her the bracelet and return the nightgown.

She loved the bracelet.

I kept the nightgown. I'm not sure what it means when I love the nightgown I bought for my mom and my mother-in-law so much that I kept one for myself. But it is oh so comfy.

And my mom dropped in one night last week when I was already in my nightgown and robe and commented on what a pretty gown it was.

Uh. I feel just a little bit guilty about wearing the gown I bought for her, but I soothe away that guilt by remembering how much she liked the bracelet.

Sheesh. I'm wearing my mom's nightgown. And sleeping well in it, thankyouverymuch. TMI?

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Jessie said...

I'd say it means you all have good taste, because I think it's pretty, too. :) Also, I've taken on the mantra that really, gifts don't have to be about spending equal amounts of money, as long as equal amounts of like come out of it. Everyone liked what they got=win in my book. Good jorb. Grandma even showed us her bracelet, she liked it so much.