Sunday, December 30, 2012

a list about skiing

I continue to be amazed at the things I learn, and today, I learned that:

1.  Sitting on the chair lift properly allows your legs to rest before you ski down the hill.
2.  Keeping your legs relaxed and your skies parallel is easier than trying to snowplow all the way down the hill.
3.  Being able to clearly see more than five feet in front of yourself makes skiing much easier (even if it means wearing your glasses instead of your goggles, maybe especially if you can wear your glasses instead of your goggles).
4.  Last week, Jr claimed he and the drummer used to count Subaru's on the way up the canyon and insisted they'd counted over 100 Subaru's on one trip to Alta.  We scoffed at the notion of that many Subaru's in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and as I'm prone to do, I told Jr he must be making stuff up again.  But last week and again today, we started counting after we entered the canyon and while I'm certain we missed a few of them that were parked at Snowbird, today we counted over 150 Subaru's.  Not sure what that all means, but it cracked me up that my kids had picked up on it.
5.  I'm so glad we decided to become skiers in this place--this state--this pretty great place.  And next time, I'm not wearing the goggles.


Lisa B. said...

You look awesome. And it sounds like you had fun, which is...awesome. Love that. p.s., those Subarus: what is that even ABOUT?

Jessie said...

I think it's because Subarus have 4-wheel-drive, making them a good vehicle for a winter-sport-lover. Maybe?

I'm still jealous that I've missed out on all this skiing fun. Someday.