Tuesday, December 25, 2012

four days

So much going on around here over the past four days.

Jack's family party on Saturday.  His mom suggested we all tell our favorite Christmas memory, so many, too hard to choose.  For many years, Jack's sister and her husband videotaped family parties on their VHS recorder.  A while back, she transferred all of those movies to DVD.  On Saturday, she brought us a DVD that included many of the parties from 1989 to 2002.  So many memories--Christmas parties, family picnics in the canyons, weddings, birthdays, videos of loved ones gone.  We've had so much fun watching it over and over.

Sunday morning church services, listening to the drummer's ward choir, directed by his sweet wife.  I have always loved singing in church, especially at Christmastime.  This program did not disappoint.  It was lovely.

Sunday afternoon was my family party.  Good food, entertaining chat, fun games.  And plenty of the usual, uh, insanity.

Monday afternoon was The Nutcracker with Jack.  I've taken our girls/granddaughters to the ballet each year for several years.  We always sit on the last row, or very close to it.  Jack decided to surprise me with tickets on row 13.  We drove downtown in the rain, and as we crossed the street from the parking ramp, the rain changed to sleet/hail/snow.  We had hungry stomachs and half an hour before the ballet started, so we headed into Siegfried's Deli where we shared half a chicken and exceptionally yummy fried potatoes.  We sat at the bar facing the window and watched the snow fall through a steamy picture window.  It was beautiful.

Then we headed to the ballet.  It was stunning, tear-inducing, as always.

Last night, Stu and his family came by for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner--ham, cheesy potatoes, salad, and of course, vanilla wafer pudding for dessert.  Then into jammies and home to wait for Santa.

Today, of course, was Christmas.  Gift exchanging, breakfast with all my local kids and grandkids, then off to my parents' house, then to Jack's mom's house, then home for Facetime with the Californians.  After massive, first-rate persuasion tactics by Jr, Jack and I agreed to join him at Alta for a couple hours of skiing on a beautiful sunny winter day.  (That may be Jr and Jack on the lift for their last run...)

It was clear and cold, but not crowded, and really, a perfect end to the last four days.

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