Thursday, December 6, 2012

things i need to remember

They arrived last night followed shortly by almost all of the locals.  I write this post to record two memories I want to keep.

Immediately after everyone arrived, I watched as a single file line of girls ran by, giggling and talking excitedly through the kitchen and down the stairs to play together in the basement.  It was music to my ears and golden to my eyes--all of them so delighted to be back together at gramma's and grampa's house.  You see, this is what it is all about - family together.


At some point, Leo started to fuss a bit.  Shilo held him closely and rocked him, but really, he wanted and needed his mother, who was out back touring the trailer for a few minutes with her dad.  Janey heard his fussing and proclaimed that what he needed was his pacifier.  I asked aloud where his pacifier might be and watched as she tapped a finger on her cheek and thoughtfully noted that his pacifier was probably in his carseat.  I said I thought the carseat had been moved into the toy bedroom and off she dashed, returning moments later with the pacifier.  I said, "Good job finding the pacifier!"  She slid to my side and quietly said, "Well, actually gramma, you helped find the pacifier because you remembered where the carseat was.  We found it together."  Adorable, smart, and really loves to help with that baby brother.


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Johanna said...

The best of times. Wish it were always like that, but it is all the sweeter because it is not.