Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas concerts

Some of my favorite memories as a mom are Christmas band concerts.  Every year in December starting around 1991, we went to listen and watch as one or more of our kids, starting as 5th graders, then jr high, then high school, and eventually university students played songs of the season.

Tonight we went to watch the drummer.  But tonight he wasn't playing instruments, he was the conductor.  Student teaching an amazing jr high group.  Brought tears to my eyes listening and watching as he conducted them playing old favorites as well as a medley of the songs from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Even more remarkable was hearing them play songs from The Nutcracker. 

Such talented musicians and a great opportunity for them to become familiar with incredible music.  Very touching evening.

(My kid is the one standing up, making sure everyone is ready to play the music.  I'm not gonna' lie, I was pretty much wowed by the whole experience.  Probably still rather watch him drum, but still.  It was awesome.)


Amelia said...

Very cool! Merry Christmas!

Johanna said...

That's wonderful!

Jessie said...

I wish I could've been there!