Monday, September 15, 2008

the big two-five

Twenty-five years ago today, the most amazing, precious, darlin' entered my life. That is the day Jessie was born. I've often said that if I could only have one daughter that I was so glad it was her, and my feelings haven't changed. In the manner of many blogs of today, I will now list 25 thoughts about Jessie--one for each year she has blessed my life.

1. She is quick to smile.
2. She is an extremely attentive mom.
3. She has great hair.
4. She makes adorable babies.
5. She doesn't put up with too much crap from her husband. (and I mean that in a totally positive way.)
6. She has never put up with much crap from her brothers. (which is probably why her marriage works so well.)
7. She is smart.
8. She is a hard worker.
9. She appreciates the beauty around her.
10. She has a deep love of all kinds of literature.
11. She is sharing her love of words with her daughters.
12. She is very patient with her children.
13. She is the planter of a lovely garden.
14. She is creative--whether decorating her home, fixing a meal, or playing with her girls.
15. She knows who she is and stays true to that self.
16. She feels deeply but only shares those feelings with those she trusts.
17. She was an adorable little girl.
18. She has these really cute freckles.
19. She can stretch a dollar.
20. She spends wisely and loves to find a good deal.
21. She is secure in her faith.
22. She can tell a good story.
23. She loves and forgives graciously.
24. She is a peacemaker.
25. She has been a joy and a blessing in my life. She tries very hard to do the right thing always. I could go on and on, but I'll stop by saying that I love her deeply and feel grateful to be in her life.

Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope it was a good day and that your future holds many more good days. xo mom

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Lisa B. said...

Happy Birthday, Jessie!