Tuesday, September 16, 2008

start spreadin' the news

Yes, it's true. Jack and I are in the the big apple at the New York Marriott East Side. Daytime work for me, playtime for both of us at night.

We survived the 5-hour flight even with the crying baby behind us and the whirling tasmanian devilchild four-year-old in front of us. And dude, I was patient! I didn't even have to pretend to be okay, because when I realized we were sitting between two kids for a 5-hour flight, I just thought about how it would be for Shi or Jessie to take kids on a flight for that long and I simply could not get upset with the kids or the parents.

You see, I can change. If I want to.

But I am certain that Shi and Jessie would have taken toys and snacks and sippie cups and possibly even benedryll so their girls could enjoy the flight.

Okay, probably not the benedryll.

Oh, one other thing--our cabbie from JFK to our hotel told us that there are three things that people don't like about New York--the weather, the traffic, and the women (and by people I think he meant men). It did seem that the bits and pieces of guy conversations I overheard as we walked down the street indicated that they didn't not like the women; it was more like they were totally confused by the women. And some were so battle-scarred that they were afraid to even try anymore. Poor babies.

Okay, just one more thing--after dinner we walked back to our hotel and along the way, the sidewalk was blocked by all of these people with cameras and there were black limos parked up and down the street. We stopped for a minute to see what was going on, and the door to a limo opened and out hopped a young woman who walked a few steps, stopped to smile at the crowd, and then headed up the steps to the entrance, where she paused and turned to see if anyone else wanted to snap another picture, but no one was paying attention to her at that point, they were all oohing and aahing over the pictures they got on their cell phones. And asking each other who she was. And she had this brief look of disappointment on her face and then she walked throough the doors.

I'm going to google 'Tara' tomorrow because one of the picture takers identified her as Tara mummblemummblesomething. I didn't get that part.


Jessie said...

Good job on the plane patience. Are you allowed to take snacks and sippy cups on the plane? And aren't you only allowed to take one bag and one carryon? I'm just guessing that if these moms were trying to take enough stuff for themselves and their children, they probably didn't have enough room for a lot of extras. Poor kids. I think airlines should be more accommodating to small children by providing more snacks on long flights. But that's just me.

Oh, and the only Tara I know of is Tyra Banks. Though I'm no celeb guru...

Lisa B. said...

Tara Reid, maybe?

Have fun fun fun!