Tuesday, September 30, 2008

for the girls

If you want to do me a favor and show how much you love me, please check out this blog that Jessie told me about. If you really love me and my--uh, I mean Jessie's--girls, leave a comment that backs me up on the reason why I should win the drawing that will award two of Calico's stuffed monsters in a bag. That's all I'm saying. No whining, no begging, no exclamation marks. Just an opportunity for you to reward me and shower me with monster love for the girls. (Sorry Shi, Jessie asked first...)


Skybird said...

I am so glad I flew over into the gardens this morning! What a huge laugh that was! Awesome!

I once asked my wife if, as a little girl dreaming of motherhood, did she ever picture herself turning to her little one and saying... "Okay, throw up in mommy's hand!"

Oh my gosh life can be a trip!

2, no, make that 3 LOL points for the stuffed monster prize!

Lisa B. said...

You totally deserve the stuffed monster prize. For one thing, you're devoted enough to the reward that you put yourself out there, asking the whole internet to support you. Motivation like that deserves support. I support you. Oh yes! I do.

That blog is so dang cute.

Joey said...

I didn't get how to sign up so you could get it. I'm sorry I have failed you, my friend.

I'm still trying to figure out how to size my pictures so they don't take up the whole screen.