Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a bit of clarification

Today, Jessie called and said she had read my blog entry from yesterday and thought it sounded like I was feeling better. I agreed and said I thought she was correct.

But after thinking about her comment for a while, I realized it wasn't quite accurate. I think I'm understanding better and feeling sometimes better, sometimes worse, but the important thing is that I'm feeling. The thing that humans do.


Skybird said...

These kinds of feelings are what caught my attention in the gardens in the first place! Forgive me for flying in again. On a deep level, I totally "get it". What you are trying to express is something that needs no expression for me, because many of my flights have been in the deepest and darkest nights, and some of the heaviest storms life can throw at one tiny bird!

And I am a survivor! I have a calm and a peace that comes to so few around me anymore.

Like you, I find a great deal of comfort in writing. Most around me never zeroed into what I was going through... so I turned to my inner soul and began my own form of journaling.

I have a computer full of stuff that has brought me through. I have begun sharing with a number of people through emails, and I would dearly love to share with you if you were interested. Unconditional love guaranteed. It's the life lesson the world is going through right now. If we don't get this one right, we will shortchange ourselves yet again. We are wondrous beings, full of so much to give and receive!

Anyway, that's too much to lay in your gardens. My email address is in my blog, or Joey has it.

No strings attached. Think of this old bird as someone who gets what you sometimes express in your writings.

Been there... Done that! And there is so much hope and light at the end of the chaos. Hold onto that! All of you silly mortals!

Skybird said...


I'm still waiting to read one of those "bad poems" you mentioned a few blogs back! I have a feeling I'd enjoy them! I sense a fellow writer... and why write if we are our only audience!

Enjoy, and embrace the moment! We can only live one at a time, and in each we can choose joy!

gilian said...

skybird, you are too kind. i appreciate your comments and it is good to find someone who hears my voice.

alas, i am neither poet nor writer of novels. yet. my writing for now is captured on my blog. and honestly, i am good with that for now.

i'm so glad for cameras because they provide another artistic outlet. in my mind's eye, i see amazing works of art, but time, insecurity, and nowhere near enough art supplies on hand keep those masterpieces inside of me for now.

while blogging is a quick, freeing way to express my thoughts and describe some of the chaos in my life, it is all the creativity i have in me to share with others just now. (unless you count my gardens--which of course i totally count--or the amazing things i do to make sure my grandbabies know me and adore me--which of course i even more totally count.)

please come back often and comment. i check out your site and enjoy your willingness to share your creations. however, hoping i do not offend you, i must, nevertheless, turn down your offer to become email penpals.

Skybird said...

Absolutely wonderful response! I am content then to share from my flights on my blog site that which I came to share with the planet, and those so much like you that I run into... and I am wonderfully content to know that there are so many ways to share with each other now.

You are already finding your expression. We all have gifts that we bring into this world... and mother and grandmother are indeed probably some of the highest gifts brought here.

When I choose what I blog, I will keep you in mind as well as the many other truly wonderful people in this world I find who I see so much beauty in, but who struggle with the chaos of their minds.

There is purpose behind all things.

Thank you again for allowing me to come to the gardens! I have absolutely the worst green thumb there is, and plants run to hide from my care! I do love to look at the colors and feelings of the gardens around me! Thank you for sharing your creativity! You will find the outlet for it's expression... indeed, you may already be expressing more than you realize!