Sunday, September 14, 2008

hmmm. once again, no comments. ouch.

Today's list:

1. My friend, Amelia, who lives across the pond, has two adorable daughters who haven't seen much of Sesame Street--which is, I must say, amazing. Elmo wasn't the first word they said after Gramma? wow. Anyway, Amelia posted some links to utube videos from Sesame Street and while visiting those sites, I found this link. I'm posting this for certain people--you know who you are--but it's pretty entertaining for all.

2. Check out this picture Breanne drew on the white board on Friday and try to convince me it isn't The Cheat from HomeStarRunner. And if you don't know HomeStar, you should really check it out (start with characters or sbemail) because it will make you giggle, smile and laugh out loud. (sorry texters I tried to type lol but I just couldn't do it.)


Jessie said...

Yeah, um, I don't know how she drew such a great animal... glad you took a picture, though--I was definitely impressed. I think she was calling it a cat, though.

Oh, and we love that clip, and even have it on one of our videos, I believe. However, I don't believe that we were the ones it was intended for. We also discovered the James Blunt and Telly monster clip today... hilarious. Definitely worth checking out.

Skybird said...

Silence does not always mean inattention!

I was in San Diego to start the week last week, with my best friend, my son, and his girlfriend. The last thing we saw at Sea World was Sesame Street's 4D Movie. Awesome 3D features with lots of water squirted at you! Wonderful!

Although Elmo isn't my fav... (I'be been nuts for Grover since I was a wee lad, and Sesame Street was brand new!!!) I truly appreciate these wonderful characters and there messages to the world! As a writer, I could never get by without ABC. As an Accountant, I am touched by 123.

As a child... I am delighted by joy that comes from any source! Your gardens are one of many sources!

Thank you!

PS>>> I had a tremoundous LOL on your media show blog, but no time to respond! I loved your ideas! You have a delightful grasp of deep sarcasm! Good on ya! I have a few ideas of my own, but a busy week ahead! Maybe I'll find time to comment there later in the week!

Amelia said...

Thanks for the reference friend!
Glad you enjoyed it.